Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


April 19, 2017

Managing unstructured data is becoming critical for all size of organizations. Keeping the criticality of getting all document consolidated in one place is becoming very important. Over the years’ software industry has evolved a lot and so as enterprise content management. Here in this blog, we will talk about latest trends observed in ECM industry,

  • Content On-Go

Smart phones and tablet has changed a way of working, it’s said that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users around the world by 2020, leaving only 30 percent of the population without one. There for it is very important for ECM industry to adopt this trend and make document available on-go.

  • Hybrid cloud deployment model adoption

Forrester says cloud adoption will grow in 2017. 59% of decision makers has shown positive response to utilize hybrid cloud model for document management. Companies want to concentrate on to improve their employee’s efficiency.

ECM tool with hybrid deployment feasibility has started winning businesses trust. Business are ready to keep confidential documents on-premises and other accessible over cloud.

  • Obey to complex information compliance

New regulations of data protection are introduced in last couple of years and there are new regulation coming in this year like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for European union residents. Data protection officers and organizations facing challenges to protect data and follow compliance.

ECM tools obey to this compliance and help protecting organizational data are becoming favorite to organizations.

  • Integration with business Apps

No organization would want to have their document management (ECM) to work isolated. Document management applications always work as ecosystem to other application in organization.

ECM tool which offer most flexible ways of integrations are becoming famous now days. Organizations want to leverage most out of their investment in ECM through complex integrations.

  • Software as a service

Customers wants to get running with document management application without investing in infrastructure. SaaS based ECM offering helps such organizations to start. This model is becoming famous in small and medium scale business.

Most organization want to select ECM tool which support all or most of above trends. In my next post, I will map different ECMs tools with these trends.

Refer following link to know IDC says about ECM Trends,

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