8 Essential Things You Should Know Before Hiring Angular Developers

Mehul Jagwani

May 26, 2022

8 Essential Things You Should Know Before Hiring Angular Developers

Quick Summary: To Hire an Angular developer is not an easy undertaking, one needs to make quick crucial decisions during the process. Seldom, these decisions may turn against you to prevent the same we are going to discuss about all the essential things you should know before starting the hiring process.

Angular is a JavaScript framework that creates web applications. It’s easy to start using Angular, and it’s very powerful. It is a great choice for creating web applications because it gives you the power to build complex applications quickly and easily.

Developing an app is not one man’s job; you need to hire Angular developers. At the same, you cannot just hire any angular developers because it comes with a collection of built-in components and modules, and it also has many third-party libraries that can enhance the way you build applications.

In order to utilise the maximum advantage of these features, Angular developers should be skilled. And there are variables to take care of while hiring Angular developers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss all the things (variables) you should know before kickstarting the hiring process.

Quick Links

  1. What An Angular Developer Does
  2. Desired skills of Angular developers
  3. Benefits Of Hiring Angular Developers
  4. Factor Affecting Cost Of Hiring Angular Developers
  5. Process To Hire Angular Developers
  6. Questions To Ask Angular Developers In Interview
  7. Sources To Hire Angular Developers
  8. Approximate Cost Of Hiring Angular Developers
  9. Conclusion

#1 What An Angular Developer Does



Following are the responsibilities of Angular developers:

  • Design and developing high-end user interface with the use of Angular best practices
  • Conduct a product analysis
  • Devise solutions for challenging development task
  • Make crucial design and development related decisions
  • Coding self-contained and reusable components
  • Upgrade or migrate existing Angular applications


#2 Desired skills of Angular developers


Desired skills of Angular Developers

Following are the skills that you should look for in an Angular developer:

Angular CLI

Angular CLI is a command-line interface to Angular. It helps you install and manage your application, build it, test it and deploy it in different environments. NPM is the tool to install web development packages; doing the process manually (with coding) can take a lot of time. Angular CLI makes the installation process easy.

It is the easiest to build and maintain applications. It allows you to create Angular applications using the command line interface. And supports multiple build strategies and many other features, including production, development, test and staged builds.

In addition, you can run different builds in development mode or staging mode simultaneously. This means that your application will be deployed with different environment variables.


CSS defines how a web page should be displayed on a screen. CSS is a set of rules that deals with formatting, style, and layout on the web. Angular developers use CSS to style the component, which, together with other components, builds the application.


HTML is a very simple and easy markup language to learn, so it can be used for almost any web development purposes and is used in Angular development. It comes with the ability to create pages that are able to be viewed by different types of browsers.

Angular developers should have basic knowledge of HTML because it can be of great use in making web pages interactive.

Working With Version Control System

Version control is a very important part of app development. It allows developers to keep track of the changes they make to the code, and it also helps them be more efficient when they are working on a project.

The primary reason for creating a project under version control is to keep track of changes made to your code and ensure that the changes are not accidentally reverted by someone else. By keeping track of changes and involving others in the development process, developers can pinpoint loopholes in their code and solve them before the code is used.

Following are the best version control system:

  • HelixCore
  • AWS Beanstalk
  • AWS CodeCommit


Git is a project management system. It allows you to keep track of the changes you have made to your code, allowing you to share those changes with others. Git is a useful tool for Angular developers because you keep track of changes made to the code and store the code files on a remote server. It makes the development process easy and enhances the coordination among team members. That’s why an Angular developer should know how to use Git.

Knowledge Of Testing Frameworks

Testing is an essential part of the app development process. In testing, developers look for bugs in the system, resolve them and make sure that the app is functioning. Testing an app is a tedious process, especially in the case of enterprise applications which is why testing is used.

Testing frameworks are used to test the functionality of software components. They help test the application’s functionality by checking whether it works as expected. A software testing framework is a collection of rules followed to test the application. It helps take more tests as per a prescribed score and then pass it to the next level.

A testing framework ensures the application is working as expected and is free from bugs. Following are the testing frameworks that are widely used:

  • Karma
  • Jasmine


#3 Benefits Of Hiring Angular Developers


Benefits of hiring Angular Developers

Following are the benefits of hiring Angular developers:

Angular Developers Work With Latest Technology

Working with Angular developers ensures your project will be equipped with advanced features that can help your app to be the most competitive app or software in the corresponding category.

Before hiring any Angular developer, ask them whether they are acquainted with the latest technology or do they have any hands-on experience working on it.

Angular Developers Are Cost-efficient

If you are looking for developers who can build feature-rich and top-notch web/mobile apps on a restricted budget, then you are in the right place because our Angular developers are cost-efficient.

With us, the cost of building an app is affordable because we are here to help start-ups and SMEs. Our developers bring value to the table, for sure, without hurting your pocket.

Untethered Communication

When hiring remote Angular developers, especially, communication plays a vital role. Communication gap brings up unexpected, unpleasant and unproductive situations, so it is best to avoid such situations by developing a medium of untethered communication.

Our Angular developers have strong communication skills; they understand your ideas and respond in an inappropriate manner.

Vast Experience

Our Angular developers possess vast experience in developing high-end front-ends. They are equipped with thorough knowledge of Angular, its coding style, best practices, security practices and third-party tools.

And also, they have practical knowledge of other technology as well, which can be of use in the development of your Angular app itself.

Build High-Performance Apps

Angular developers at EnProwess can deliver highly-functional, feature-filled, and customer-centric business applications. Thanks to the features of Angular, such as flexibility, routing, filters, data-binding and many more, that aids in delivering high-end applications.

Our developers leverage the skill of Angular CLI to develop high-performance applications in a short span of time. There is no match to the speed of our developers, for sure.

Re-usage Of Code For Faster Development

The facility of re-using Angular code is considered a boon since it saves valuable time for developers and leads to lessening the overall cost of Angular application development.

Though minor code changes are required to be made, our Angular developer is good at doing so. It is in good faith if you are thinking of hiring Angular developers from us.

Robust Testing

Testing is a critical part of the app development process. Failing to do testing can lead to technical glitches in the app, which can hamper the image of a company. To prevent such scenarios, developers at our company use the latest testing framework to find the bugs in your application. These frameworks ease the task of testing and also fast track the process.

Builds Interactive User Interface

Angular technology aids the developers in building the interactive user interface. Our developers utilise each and every feature of Angular to deliver the best UI. We also consider other aspects such as target audience, customer requirements, and peer research while developing UI for your application.

Timely Delivery

Angular developers are good at keeping promises. They are disciplined and thorough professionals. They take every deadline seriously and deliver the project within specified deadlines.


#4 Factor Affecting Cost Of Hiring Angular Developers


Factor Affecting Cost

Now that you are looking to hire Angular developers, you should know the variables that determine the cost. Following are the key variables considering which cost of Angular developers is determined:

Size Of The Project

The size of the project is one of the essential variables to consider while hiring developers. As the size of the project increases, development cost increases proportionality as the time required to complete a project will be higher. The size of a project is classified into three different categories viz small scale, medium scale and enterprise-scale

Required Features

The complexity of required features and their quality has a significant impact on the cost of hiring angular developers. In a simple application, where only basic features like notification, sign in/sign up, it requires less to get it developed; hence cost will be less. So this is how feature requirements can affect software development costs.

Engagement Model

These three kinds of engagement models for hiring an angular developer which is as follows:

Full Time – Under this engagement model, you hire an angular developer for full-time work against fixed monthly remuneration.

Dedicated – Dedicated developers refer to the engagement model where a developer is on third party payroll but working for you only. You pay him monthly remuneration, and there are no contractual obligations.

Fixed cost – In this engagement model, a developer work on a project basis, and you are liable to pay him only for the work he did, irrespective of the time invested.

Seniority Of Developers

One of the determinants of the cost of hiring angular developers is the seniority of developers. Freshers or developers with 0 to 3 years of experience fall under the category of junior developers. Developers who possess 4 to 6 years come under the category of intermediate, while the developers who have 6+ years of experience are senior-level developers. As the experience increases, the cost of hiring also increases.


#5 Process To Hire Angular Developers


Process To Hire Developers
Following is the process that you should follow to hiring Angular developers:

Document Your Requirements

Before initiating the hiring process, it is important to document all your requirements so that you can drive the process effortlessly. Following are the details we recommend you note it down:

  • The scale of the project
  • Project deadline
  • No. of developers you want to hire
  • Skill requirements of a developers

Compile A Job Description

On the basis of the requirements document, you can compile JD for angular developers easily. Make sure you have described the roles and responsibilities of Angular developers. Mention the following details in JD:

  • Position title
  • Company background
  • Skill requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Minimum qualification

Tap The Potential Sources For Hiring Angular Developers

Here comes the actual hiring part. There are a number of sources to employ an Angular developer, such as freelancing platforms and recruitment agencies but the best and quickest are outsourcing companies. They have a pool of talents, and we are sure you can get developers as per your requirements.

Interview Promising Candidates

From all the applications or options you get from an outsourcing company, conduct an interview of candidates who have the mettle to cater for your requirements. Ask them technical questions, or you can also assign them a small technical relating to your project. This is how you’ll know whether they are fit for the job or not.


The last step in recruiting Angular developers is onboarding. Once everything is finalised, it is time to onboard and make them acquainted with your project.


#6 Questions To Ask Angular Developers In Interview

Interview Questions

Following are the technical questions that you can ask an Angular developer during the interview:

  • What is the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript?
  • What makes Angular stand out from other frameworks?
  • Explain the difference between Angular and AngularJS
  • What are the different types of compilations? Which is the best compilation method?
  • How to share data between Angular components?
  • What are the types of directives in Angular?
  • What are components, modules and services in Angular?
  • Explain the concept of dependency injection in Angular briefly
  • What are directives in Angular?


#7 Sources To Hire Angular Developers



There are a number of sources from which you can hire an angular developer. Some of them are as follows:

Recruitment Agency

You can count on recruitment agencies to hire Angular developers. But they take considerably more time to find the right talent for you. Besides, their fees are higher compared with other sources.

Freelancing Platforms

There are over a dozen freelancing platforms viz Upwork, Fiverr, and Truelancer to hire Angular developers as per your requirements. On these platforms, you will get resources to work on a part-time or contractual basis.

Outsourcing Companies Like EnProwess

Outsourcing companies provide talent solutions. It is an efficient and most effective approach to hiring Angular developers. They have a pool of developers from which you can hire any the developers according to your requirements.

Steps to hire talent from outsourcing companies

  • Share your requirements
  • Get a list of the right talent for your project
  • Interview and filter candidates
  • Proceed for onboarding


Advantages of hiring talent from outsourcing companies

  • Collaborate with the right talent quickly
  • IP protection
  • Guarantee on results
  • Don’t have to spend on recruitment fees
  • Quick onboarding


#8 Approximate Cost Of Hiring Angular Developers


Approximate Cost

In the below you can see the average cost of hiring Angular developers on a yearly basis. This cost varies depending on the geographical location from which you are hiring developers.

Country Average Cost Per year
Israel $75,084
India $7,500
Malaysia $14,800
Denmark $59,316
Singapore $43,112
USA $96,100
Canada $120,000
Switzerland $114,050
Mexico $14,102
UK $84,125
Netherlands $39,210
Sweden $38,254
Germany $58,873
France $41,854
Norway $65,108
Australia $73,480

Note – This data is collected from multiple third-party sources hence we do not claim the accuracy of the same.


Over To You

A lot of people are interested in hiring Angular developers for their projects. This is because it is one of the most popular technologies and frameworks used today. It has become a very popular framework for web development, and many companies are using it for their projects.

It is important to hire Angular developers who have a good understanding of the framework, as well as good skills in the domain they work on. This will help you to get better results from your project and make sure you don’t end up spending more money than you should. A good Angular developer will have the ability to add new features to the framework and work on a wide range of projects.

They should have a background in  software development and the know-how to build applications for multiple platforms. Such developers are difficult at an affordable price, but we are your saviours! With EnProwess, you can hire a dedicated Angular developer team at a reasonable price.

EnProwess is a global outsourcing company established with a vision to enable businesses to take advantage of tech solutions to capture larger market share and grow the business exponentially. For more information on hiring Angular developers, kindly call us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How will Angular developers help me in my project?

Angular developers are your helping hand for developing front-end applications. Our developers will serve you expert advice and will develop applications according to your requirements.

Q.2. How much time will it take to finish the Angular project?

Every angular web apps project has unique requirements so we cannot give you a generalised deadline but before starting your project we can surely provide a tentative deadline.

Q.3 What if the final product deviates from the quality that I was expecting?

Till now no such situations have occurred with us and in case if it is so then we are here to support you in every possible way.

Q.4 Why Angular is preferred in web development

Angular has many features and it supports adjacent technologies as well. It can be used to create web applications with less code and without the need of any server side programming.

Q.5 Is Angular still a good choice for web development in 2022?

Angular is backed by Google so it is undoubtedly a good choice for developing web applications in 2022 as well. Developers at Google and some individual developers are updating this framework regularly.

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