Liferay DXP is a real game changer in CMS/Portal world


May 3, 2017

We at EnProwess closely observing Liferay DXP releases, plan and road map. We laced up our skills for Liferay DXP. Believe me, it’s exciting. In this post, I want to express my thoughts why Liferay DXP is a game changer in portal world,

New User experience

Impressive user experience is important to select software product. Liferay DXP provides innovative user experience.

  • With Liferay DXP, it is possible to create one pager site. It has its own benefit like loading time, everything in one-go and many more. I decided to keep this post non technical, if you want to know more, refer this link.
  • Ease in configuring look and feel: Liferay is always easy to configure. Liferay DXP makes it easier. You can easily configure general look and feel setting like border, test styling, margin between portlets and many more.
  • Page template: You don’t need to wait for your development team to assist you for setting layout. With limited understanding of Liferay configuration, you can achieve this. All layout in Liferay DXP are device friendly.
  • Liferay DXP comes with bootstrap-3. It is more efficient, coherent and more responsive. It supports mobile first approach which makes DXP more device friendly.

Device friendly

Way of using web applications has drastically changed in few years. Majority user base is accessing internet application on mobile and tablets. As per IDC, there would be 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020 in all around the world and only 30% of population would be without smartphone.

Liferay DXP is already prepared for this demand. Liferay DXP has feature call mobile device family which allows you to configure behavior of your site based on devices your customers use. You can configure entire site or even individual pages with any number of mobile device families.  To know more you may refer this link,

Easy to configure

Ease of configuration is equal important as smooth UI for end user. DXP meets the expectation. There are major changes made in administrative features as follow,

  • Simulated preview for different devices.
  • Improved blog and forum user interface.
  • Bunch of options for configuration in theme and navigation via the site administrator.
  • New alloy editor to improve the content authoring experience.
  • New location capabilities to allow fully localized sites including better RTL (Right to Left) language support.
  • Ability to link geo location for document and content in document library.
  • Improved publishing feature for local-live and public-live.
  • Configurable google style form experience. It can be integrated with Liferay’s workflow system.


Liferay DXP has modular architecture with OSGI which is the most prominent change included in Liferay DXP. Modularity has its own advantages,

  • Now you need to load only component that you want in your application. It will help to avoid unnecessary load to application server.
  • OSGI modularity enables to implement independent Liferay apps. Their unique functionalities and independency keep them stand free from any suite.
  • It ensures that different modules in applications are decoupled from each-other.

Reduce TCO

Liferay is open source portal framework. Compare to other proprietary solutions, Liferay can help save lot in its licensing fees.

With extensive knowledge in Liferay DXP out-of-the-box functionalities, the product roadmap, and experienced resources at-hand, EnProwess delivers in-time quality solution to reduces expensive customization.

For the seventh time, Gartner has recognized Liferay as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, positioning them in a field of 16 vendors based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

With next generation features like user friendly UI, Device friendly approach, ease of configuration and OSGI based modularity Liferay DXP has already started gaining interest of businesses to use it for their business-critical applications.

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