LDAP Liferay DXP
LDAP User Import with Groups in Liferay 7 / DXP

Directory Services store information in organized manner usually in hierarchical structure. LDAP Servers are commonly used to store usernames, passwords and can be connected by using LDAP Protocol that is based on TCP/UDP. Since LDAP Servers are central places for information storage, many of the times we require to fetch user specific information from them […]

Login to Alfresco share using LDAP email attribute

Authentication is very important part of any application, Alfresco supports different types of authentications like LDAP, pass-through, alfrescoNTLM, Kerberos, and external authentication. In one of the project we used LDAP and from client we had requirement for Alfresco LDAP authentication using email id. Alfresco provides default authentication using username, while login in Alfresco with email […]

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