Liferay 7 / DXP: 7 UI features making the difference

It has been more than a year Liferay 7 / DXP has released and it is widely accepted and highly appreciated by users. Here are some cool UI features, that most of the business users have been liking a lot and has simplified their work a lot. 1) Everything is just a click away Yes, […]

Felix GoGo Shell Custom Command with Liferay 7

Since its inception Liferay has maintained a reputation of using latest technologies to help build robust portal products and the legacy continues with Liferay 7 also. Liferay 7 has acquired many new concepts like development of single page application (SPA) , Arquillian extension for functional as well as integration testing of product, adapting OSGI framework […]

Ext Plugin with Liferay 7 in just 5 steps

  The Liferay developer community has been waiting since long for Ext with Liferay 7 and it got recently released with GA4. This post will be focused on Ext Plugin and how to implement Ext Plugin in Liferay 7/ DXP. In case you are new to Liferay and don’t know what is EXT, here is quick […]

Alfresco Best Practices

Software industry is most dynamic industry among other. The biggest challenge being in this domain is to keep updating your knowledge day-by-day. Though this challenge is applicable to everybody in software domain, its applicable more to the people using open source tools and frameworks. It may not be that complex to learn new framework but […]

Theme for Liferay 7

Theme in Liferay is very important component for any project you will be working. Liferay 7 is coming with many changes and you will need to know the new ways of development in Liferay. This blog will help you understand how you can build theme in Liferay 7 using theme generator. Please note, using plug-in […]

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