Angular Development Services We Offer

  • Angular Application Design & Development

    Create highly aesthetic interfaces along with user-friendly experiences by utilizing our in-house team of designers and developers.

  • Angular Custom Solutions

    Build robust, feature-rich, high-performance, and cross-platform custom web applications.

  • Angular Front-End Development

    Our Angular developers can effortlessly create single-page web apps, utilize multiple frameworks and architectures to develop an engaging front end.

  • Angular Integration and migration

    Efficiently integrate Angular into your existing technology stack or migrate to the platform entirely for significant performance benefits.

  • Angular Framework Plugin Development

    Develop and Integrate plugins and modules with the help of our Angular specialists.

  • Angular Support, Maintenance & Optimization

    Capitalize on our maintenance and support services to meet your business objectives under all the scenarios.

Benefits of choosing Angular for web application development

  • Supports SPA features

    Angular supports the development of Single Page Applications. When a programmer develops a Single page application using Angular, the page loads quickly, works on every platform, provides an excellent user experience, and is much easier to maintain.

  • Powerful Framework

    A robust solution for faster front-end development. It has multiple features such as MVC pattern, directives, and dependency injection. It is a common platform among developers because it is freely available. It allows developers to expand the HTML syntax and build client-side applications.

  • Real-Time Testing

    Quickly and easily test your web application using the Angular framework. Angular allows for both end-to-end and unit testing.

  • Supported by Google

    Google utilizes Angular framework for its applications. For new improvements in the Angular framework, many developers prefer Angular.

  • Promotes Code Reusability

    Component-based nature of Angular helps developers reuse code. It makes the development process easy and speedy.

  • SEO Friendly

    Web page load times are significantly reduced by utilizing server-side rendering. It makes the website better optimized for search engines.

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How to Hire Dedicated Angular Developers from EnProwess?


Select Angular Developers

We offer various hiring options that give you the flexibility to hire individual developers or teams according to your requirements. Contact us today if you wish to hire Angular developers for your project.


Hire Angular Developers

EnProwess, as an industry leading Angular development service provider, gives you the upper hand in hiring top resources that meet your project needs. Our dedicated developers have extensive knowledge of Angular 1.0 to Angular 6.0. Cherry-pick top professional to create a dedicated team that not only powers through your project roadblocks but shares your vision and mission.


Contact us and Discuss

To simplify the management of your dedicated team, the project manager will be your go-to contact who would perform tasks such as conveying project requirements, managing performance, and monitoring progress. Tell us briefly about your ideas and needs. Your team of dedicated Angular developers will delve deep into the project, so you can focus on what's important.


Here is a list of some popular apps that use Angular
  • Travel apps
  • Video streaming
  • Social apps
  • eCommerce apps
  • FinTech apps
  • Single-page apps
Here are some benefits of Angular for software development.
  • Ease of creating web applications
  • Secure access management
  • Underlying data management system
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Clear and well-structured user interface
Yes, Angular is capable of building mobile and web applications.
Yes we do. We offer maintenance, support, bug-fixing, updates according to market trends, and every after-sales service that your business needs to grow.
The development time is highly correlated to the complexity of the application. Please Contact US to get a precise timeline.
It depends entirely on the project requirements. It is not possible to give a generalized timeframe because each project has its unique demands. Let us know your requirements and we’ll get back to you with an exact timeframe.
Absolutely! The framework has all the security features that enable you to develop applications while keeping your data secured.