Alfresco Application Development Framework

Alfresco Application Development Framework

alfresco application development framework

Alfresco application development frameworks are reusable as well as customizable. This gives web developers the chance to build result oriented mobile ready apps pretty quickly. These applications form the basis of powerful alfresco digital business platforms with highly interactive content and business processes and services.

A typical alfresco application development framework enables creation of unique solutions for users as it is a perfect combination of customized material design and pre-built as well as fully functional angular components at work. With totally customizable user interfaces, user can meet company goals faster.

Business Benefits of Alfresco App Development Framework (ADF)

Enprowess’s alfresco app development framework based business software solutions are designed to be extended and moulded to clients’ specific needs while enabling functionality and efficiency across any device, from anywhere, and at any time.

  • Facilitate quick automation of some common business processes without need of a development team
  • Maintain process standards at the entire enterprise level
  • Intuitive apps with innovative features need less time for training
  • Content creators as well as process participants are mobile enabled
  • Improve working efficiency and reduce risks
  • As applications are totally customized, you have the chance to save money

Alfresco’s New Enhanced Capabilities Include:

  • EKS Support: Solution gives users the chance to deploy and effectively manage production implementation on a large scale by undertaking regular product upgrades and simplifying patches.
  • Glacier Support: Solution ensures drastic reduction in costs while operating program. For eg. Costs associated with regulatory compliances and legal recoveries will get lowered substantially.
  • New Alfresco Digital Workspace: Solution will give Alfresco developers and partners the capacity to develop highly customized platforms for building result oriented apps for users. New extendible interfaces that are powered by ADF can be easily integrated with open APIs and modular UX elements to get the desired results.

High Flexibility & Extensibility

Emprowess is a market leader in successfully implementing customizable application development framework alfresco based business solutions. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals has the skills to deliver the best in industry.

QuickStream Solutions – To make sure that there are no negative outcomes or project failures because of factors like quality, costs and time constraints, we align IT companies and other stakeholders before the start of a project. Our all inclusive QuickStream service engagement approach ensures that.

Full Lifecycle Deployment Solutions– For making project implementation cost-effective, we provide Full Lifecycle Deployment Solutions that take into account project design, development, production, as well as management processes. It goes a long way in ensuring that project delivery is on time at significantly reduced costs.

Alfresco Annotations with OpenAnnotate

OpenAnnotate has the capacity to view and interpret documents in PDF or MP4 video formats. It also works well with different types of browser media formats such as JPEG, PNG or TIFF. Other office formats such as Word or Excel is converted to PDF document format or Adlib or Nuance products by our Alfresco Transformation Professionals so that can be easily viewed and interpreted by OpenAnnotate. Besides, OpenAnnotate has several modern capabilities as mentioned below.

  • As it is totally browser based solution, no application or client installation is required.
  • Adobe’s XFDF standard support prevents proprietary annotation formats and offline annotations.
  • Solution can be fully integrated and supported by Alfresco versions or native contents.
  • Solution can view and interpret document, audio as well as video formats.
  • Solution serves as a support for Annotation & Redaction (Version and Permanent)
  • Concurrent annotations allow multiple users to view and interpret one single document at the same time (includes chat) by reviewing other users’ annotations.
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