Record And Document Management

Record And Document Management

EnProwess provides technical support services for all alfresco platform based products. These include alfresco-certified binaries, product updates and software maintenance, Customers can access the company’s enterprise network portal to receive assistance from competent engineers through email, phone or web in addition to getting support alerts, notifications and support handbook.


  • Makes management of all company information easier
  • Search features are powerful
  • Standard review & approval processes
  • Easy mobile enabled working access
  • Native applications for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Documents can be previewed
  • Interoperability with third party software products
  • Open source apps
  • Classification of cases is automatic
  • Case meta-data model can be defined


  • Save lot of time on back-office functions
  • Locate cases with ease and quickly
  • Save some money on printing costs too
  • Only authorized persons can access information
  • Betters efficiency with remote & mobile working
  • Access client information from software applications like Google
  • Saves time through single view into individual case information