Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

An organization‘s success depends on strategies used, quality of online portal as well as human resources. All these aspects play a vital role in framing policies that help in decision-making, project implementation and in monitoring efficacy of organizational systems. And the most important aspect is the methods being deployed.

Effective collaboration, content management system, messaging infrastructure & centralized control form the basis of improved working efficiency of any company. Besides, intranet access enables easy access to user data, setting up of communication channels, active contents. All these things can play a pivotal role in raising overall profitability of business.

Alfresco and Liferay Enterprise Portal

Alfresco and Liferay can offer you a safe and secure system as per your company’s policy so that it becomes easier to access, manage and even audit information infrastructure. Our system will be of great help in accommodating your company’s collaboration & communication channels as well as in enabling efficiently managing contents.

Enterprise Content Management Solution

In addition, our multi-featured system will also have features that enable message board, forum, blogs, recent activity, facility to set status for individual. We have supplied solutions to many large organizations till date and these in turn, have enabled those companies to deal with fast challenges as well as in solving problems with ease.