Central Repository

Central Repository

Contents across public, private and government organizations continue to grow at an amazing pace. Big contents with higher volumes and velocity are spinning out at an ever-increasing rate nowadays. Blogs, documents, records, files, media, web logs, social media feeds, etc. are different forms of a big content, which can be used for managing structured as well as unstructured data.

Alfresco as an Open Source Content Management Platform

Alfresco can provide a highly customized open source Content Management Platform which enables storing and retrieving contents on web easily. Our system will have out-of-box- capabilities that will allow user to undertake these tasks pretty quickly without wasting any time.

Storage services

The actual information which is being recorded is the content. This put together with metadata can be structured as per rules defined in content model.

Search services

These are useful in handling or indexing of information and may even allow retrieving of the metadata as well as content through different lookup options.