Case Management

Case Management

All of EnProwess’s case management platform software products are backed by round the clock technical support services that specifically cater to each customer’s peculiar business needs and requirements. These include EnProwess certified binaries, software maintenance as well as product updates. Customers have the chance to work directly with our competent support engineers by accessing our company portal through web or by phone or email. In addition, we also provide customer alerts & support notifications as well as support handbooks to clients.


  • Powerful Search features
  • Review and Approval Processes
  • Mobile-working access
  • Automatic classification of cases
  • Definable case meta-data model
  • Open Source


  • Save time on back-office processes
  • Find cases quickly and easily
  • Save printing costs
  • Improve efficiency through remote and mobile working
  • Access your information from other software applications using enterprise integrations
  • Saves time via a single view into your case information