Business Process Management

Business Process Management

EnProwess offers customized Business Process Management or BPM solutions which are specifically targeted at developer communities and business enterprises. At its core, the system has a high performance business process engine that is totally flexible as well as scalable for handling a wide variety of functions. An advanced BPM solution has powerful end user tools that effectively integrate with CMS.

Document Management

Is instrumental in bringing important company contents under control. These include documents such as legal contracts, engineering drawings & marketing files. All the documentation can be stored safe and secure.

Process Management

Enables automation and optimization of critical business processes like processing of invoices and getting approvals for expenses. This helps in reducing working costs and in gaining new operational efficiency levels.

Mobile Content Management

Alfresco offers reliable and flexible solutions that come standard with security features. Corporate can manage and control contents on their company websites by adding, editing, deleting and uploading new contents.

Enterprise Collaboration

Helps in sharing information as well as work with people within and outside organization. These include employees, customers and partners. Also enables effective collaboration with clients while working on projects, facilitates partner engagement as well as improve vendor management processes.