Why indorsesign?

Here’s Why You Choose IndorseSign Digital Business Platform?

Salient Features

  • Built on top of Alfresco platform
  • Manage documents, Sign and Endorse from anywhere
  • Automate your business process with Alfresco Activiti
  • Customize as per your Business need
  • Choose the plan that best fits you

Can be seamlessly integrated with CA and QTSP

  • Qualified Remote Signatures & Seal Creation Devices (QSCD), known as PkBox with A-SIT certification
  • Trustworthy System Supporting Server Signing (TW4S)- EN 419241-1:2018 compliant.
  • Cryptographic modules (HSM) FIPS 140-2 level 3 & Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ certified

Administered Signature Enrolment - Patented Feature cData Leakage Protection

  • Users only need to enrol their signatures, stamp or seal in Enrolment file prior to signing, sealing or endorsing e-documents.
  • Enrolment file has digital authorization from designated Administrator
  • Multiple administrators can be assigned for each company

Data Leakage Protection

  • IndorseSign electronic e-signature comes standard with a feature prevents data leakage. PKI encryption makes it practicallt impossible for unauthorized persons from accessing vital documents.
  • This feature helps clients in implementing GDPR for all sensitive documents
  • Authorized users can also un-lock documents for preferred date and time. e.g. Bids, Price lists, etc.

IndorseSign Digital Business Platform For online Business Processes In A Nutshell

  • Signature Enrolment Administration, Signer(s) Endorsement & DLP
  • Full Featured Contents & Business Process Services.
  • Integration with Trusted Providers for Remote e-signing & Enrolment
  • Scalable for easy Availability and Disaster Recovery.