IndorseSign Digital Business Platform

IndorseSign Digital Business Platform: A Brief Overview

If you are looking for an efficient document, process and e-signature management platform then IndorseSign is the solution you need. With patented features that guarantee safety and security, IndorseSign solution allow users to sign, endorse and administer digital documents with ease. Also, users can annotate, protect and manage their archived documents.

Advanced IndorseSign Digital Business Platform Solutions at Your Doorstep

Document Management:

    Document Management Feature:

  • Document Capture & Management
  • Document Scanning & Digitization
  • Digital Document Workflows
  • Personal User Workspaces
  • Comprehensive Document Searching


    Internal and external Collaboration:

  • Partner, vendor, client and employee engagement
  • Internal & external documents collaboration with customized workflow
  • Full Featured Content and Business Process Services
  • Powerful and effective tool for exchanging documents

Legally Enforceable/Secure & Trusted:

    Signers’ security:

  • Enrolled signatures, seal & stamps for non-disclaimer proof
  • Qualified Digital Certificate for every signing authority in accordance with eIDAS EU regulations
  • SHA 512 hashing and Standard Asymmetric Encryption 2048 bit
  • EU eIDAS Standard compliant solution. High quality with qualified signature and seal.

IndorseSign Digital Business Platform Challenges And Solutions

electronic esignature


  • Signed Paperwork leads to loss of time, money & efforts
  • Archiving & retrieving signed papers leads to loss of productivity
  • Data leakage & frauds can cause huge losses to organizations
esign digital signature

Ideal Solution

  • Cloud based solution eliminates need for physical paperwork
  • Safe, secure and EU eIDAS Standards compliant digital signatures
  • Maximize efficiency with auto archiving in safe and secure local cloud data center

Important Benefits Offered By IndorseSign Digital Business Platform

IndorseSign enables saving lot of time and money apart from boosting work productivity by over 60%. Besides, it serves as an efficient tool for electronic signature, sealing, endorsing and managing as well as in collaborating digital documents without requirement of any add-ons, plug-ins, smart cards, USB tokens or driver installations.

  • EU eIDAS compliant qualified IndorseSign electronic e-signature
  • U.S. HIPAA compliant
Online Backup:
  • IndorseSign can be easily integrated with one or more servers.
  • Users can synchronise document libraries with external repositories.
Disaster Recovery Fast and Proven:
  • IndorseSign is an advanced e-sign digital signature program that can work on several data centers for enabling quick recovery of data to prevent negative effects of some incidents.
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