Alfresco Migration Tool

Alfresco Migration Tool

The key challenges that we have seen with most Alfresco Migrations (especially large ones) are that:

  • They can get really complex
  • They can be very time consuming

While the magnitude of these problems may vary, most migration projects in our experience are characterized with these 2 key problems. We observed that customers are so bogged down with these issues that they will stall the migration endlessly till there is absolutely no other way.

Enprowess Alfresco Leadership team has developed an Alfresco Migration tool that is now ready to use for any complex migration project.

The Key benefits of this tool are:

  • Finite and measurable time for migration
  • Ability to work in extremely varied implementations
  • Maximise configuration
  • User friendly interface

Some other abilities of the tool include:

  • Ability to work with any content type
  • Migration of large sets of meta data
  • Ability to handle multiple sources of meta data – JSON, Databases and XML
  • Support for any document format ( PDF, Word, Text)
  • Multi-threading and batch ingestion to speed up the migration process
  • Works with all the versions of Alfresco

The tool follows Alfresco best practices and reduces the risk of migration projects exponentially. The costs are lower and the timelines are properly etched out.

Our consultant team will review your existing implementation and will design a roadmap for migration with the Migration tool central to this roadmap. We have a standard protocol defined which we use for all such projects which ensures that any risks are identified and mitigated at the beginning of the migration.

You can request for a demo of the tool, or an evaluation of your migration project. Please contact us for further assistance.