Liferay Upgrade

Improve your customer experience by upgrading to Liferay DXP or Liferay 7

liferay upgrade from 6.2 to 7

Our Liferay upgrade service includes Liferay portal upgrade to new version. We have a dedicated team of specialists that has the expertise to upgrade documents, web contents, images and data safely from outdated Liferay versions. Our experts incorporate advanced features into existing systems that can transform the entire scope of your business and help you in maintaining competitive edge over your business rivals. Besides, you can get total control over business with real-time sharing of information.

Enterprises constantly look to take advantage of advanced technology that delivers quick results, fast tracks digitalization process and improves collaboration among different stakeholders. However, to make sure that technology integrates well with various internal business systems and processes. For this purpose, portal upgrades are necessary from time to time. Maintaining streamlined and seamless business operations is not just a requirement but could be essential for survival.

Thankfully, finding a technology that fulfils all requirements is no longer an issue now. Liferay offers Enterprise Level Solution to companies for migrating and upgrading their existing portals. Its rich features and easy-to-use plug-ins can guarantee an excellent digital experience.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Upgradation Consulting
  • Upgradation Planning
  • Migration from older Liferay version to Liferay DXP or Liferay 7
  • Custom code upgradation to Liferay DXP/7
  • Data migration to Liferay DXP/7

Challenges Faced During Liferay Upgrade 6.X to DXP or Liferay 7

To upgrade old version to DXP/7 or any other platform, care must be taken to ensure that continuity levels with regards to development and technology are being maintained. Planning is the key component during upgrades as the process will also involve support for codes, plug-ins and extensions. Transferring large amount of crucial data and maintaining workflows can be overwhelming.

Here are some major challenges during Liferay DXP upgrade or Liferay DB Upgrade:

  • Existing Liferay version – First current Liferay version has to be upgraded to the nearest stable version.
  • Default property settings – Depending on the upgrade path that is chosen new properties will emerge which are needed to be taken care of.
  • Document & media strategy – During Liferay upgrades, changes have to be made in document and media strategy as well.
  • Backup and restore strategy – Before starting with the upgrade process, it is important that there is a strategy in place for backup and restore if something goes wrong.
  • Post upgrade plan – Strategy is also required for verifying contents & features in upgraded Liferay version.