Liferay Support

Liferay Support

liferay database and dxp support

For Liferay customer, who want to get a top quality digital experience, it is important that Liferay platforms are properly maintained at regular intervals. EnProwess has a proven tack track record for providing professional Liferay support services that help clients the world over to focus on smooth running of business. Our maintenance and support assistance ensures that software and other operating systems are in excellent running condition. Continuous monitoring of business environment enables easy stability and optimization of different business processes. Our experts identify issues beforehand and make sure that they are resolved in time so that problems don’t arise.

About Liferay Support Services

EnProwess values safety and stability of each client’s business environment. Accordingly, our support services revolve round an approach that facilitates prevention of major issues. And for achieving our objective, we deploy customized tools and technology. Here is some information relating to the tasks which we undertake under our Liferay support.

  • Assessment & optimization of current Liferay implementation levels
  • Monitoring & maintaining environment at regular intervals
  • Make sure that any outages are resolved for maintaining targeted business SLA’s
  • Maintain patches proactively
  • Achieve performance targets & improve environmental stability
  • Address issue of enhancements or bug backlogs
  • Make adjustments in existing applications to ensure that they have development-focus. We review and enhance web pages or content performance, modify workflows & interfaces, add notifications as also alerts, update app security and analyze app components.
  • Provide guidance for Liferay platform development & also give informal training
  • Undertake product enhancement evaluation prior to testing and validating performance that is crucial for driving stability of various business processes.
  • Provide visibility to support any issues on regular basis through status meetings, reports as well as executive level reviews