Vendor Claim

Overview: Automate business process for damage claim made by suppliers.

  • Missing centralized & automated control on claiming damage from suppliers leading to very low damage claims.
  • Financial loss due to non-collection of claims from suppliers.
  • Lacks controls in terms of monitoring whether claims were raised to supplier or not.
  • Since this exercise happens once a month, it creates delays in requesting claims from supplier leading to higher rejection.
  • Lot of information on emails (e.g. images of damages, credit notes etc.) requiring a lot of manual efforts from QC as well as buying team.

  • Improved business productivity using Alfresco process service (APS) with its default UI and Integrations with other application like Active Directory (AD)
  • Automate multiple manual steps and business flow in Activiti
  • Using Alfresco process service, document would be archived in central place to retrieve as and when needed.
  • Improved User experience with building custom forms in Angular leveraging Application development framework (ADF) from Alfresco.

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