Our client is one of the largest pre-engineered steel building (PEB) companies in the world and is a 100% subsidiary of one of the largest privately-owned companies in the Middle East.

Customer was looking for a single platform to automate all their pre-sales function needs which integrated with their SAP system which was at the core of their system.

Design and Prototyping

To address the needs, the client decided to have an ECM which is open source, scalable, store and retrieve files in a secure way and automate their complex business workflow processes. As the client was very big and was looking forward to an Enterprise support, Alfresco Enterprise edition was used in this case.

  • With Alfresco Development Framework (ADF), we were able to design user friend UI to build forms.
  • With Alfresco Process Workflow (APW) and Alfresco Process Service (APS) we automated their complex business workflow processes.
  • With Alfresco Content Service (ACS) we were able to store, retrieve and search files based on their needs.
  • With SAP connectors we integrated with their legacy SAP system so as the data translation is smooth and safe.
  • All Audit reports were generated from the one Alfresco platform.

Project Scope and Product Features

  • Forms for Pre-sales function
  • Apply permission roles to documents.
  • Secure data transmission between API servers and ECM
  • Encryption and Decryption of documents while uploading and downloading
  • Building complex workflows to automate the business processes.
  • Quick and fast search of documents with meta data
  • Implementing multiple tenants to store data based for their different clients.


Alfresco, Enterprise Edition was shortlisted as it is market leader in ECM.

We build forms, complex workflows to automate all the pre-sales function. All approvals which were done through emails earlier are now being done through one click from the emails and from the system.

All the inquiries were now being stored in a central repository so the history for each prospect was stored and allowed our customer to response based on that.

Alfresco platform was integrated with their core SAP system from which all the details of their products were being fetched and the sales team were able to access it from anywhere.


Enprowess is the partner in automating all their manual process in pre-sales function and has automated more then 3 complex business processes for the client in last 3 years. We are also providing after sales support with Annual maintenance contract for the live system.