The client wanted to create an application that enabled users to find services for daily chores, personal wellness or household tasks. It helps to connect potential clients with the people offering those services. There were multiple options available in the market but none of them offered an extensive feature set that satisfied the requirements. Thus, an industry niche needed addressing. Hence, the client utilized EnProwess’ custom software development services to bring his idea into reality.

Clearing roadblocks from identifying user personas to mapping out user experiences were of utmost importance for the idea to be successful. After exhaustive market research, we found out that each and every user from distinct demographics was a target audience for this application. Thus we designed the application in such a way that everyone from beginners to experts would be able to use it easily.

Design and Prototyping

Our in-house experts had a major hand in shaping the application and sculpting the platform that can perform well in the market. The client only had a hazy idea about what features he wanted in his application. After multiple iterations and analysis, EnProwess suggested that a platform which allowed sale of services would be appropriate for both, the client (who could benefit from increased revenue) and customers (who could have professionals for hire just a tap away). Client’s vision was to intertwine people who offer those services and people who could benefit from the said services by making it easy to discover and avail those services in local areas. The motive behind the idea was “everybody would benefit by helping each other”.

Transforming just a barebones idea into a concrete product that was available to each and every locality and would also benefit them was one of the first roadblocks we faced. An in-depth analysis and extensive discussion resulted in a clear idea and workplan. Design, Testing, Marketing were just some of the many phases that required proper planning and execution. From discovering target customers, surpassing competitors to widening product reach, all was meticulously done by EnProwess.

Visualizing and prototyping is the heart and foundation of application development. Recognizing its important EnProwess poured heavy efforts into creating a distinct and intriguing design.

  • Conceptualising the Design

    Our in-house team of UI/UX designers delved deep into the project requirements and features and helped in creating user-friendly and responsive web and mobile applications.Wireframing the client’s requirements helped us visualize the product and improve upon the requirements. This helped us make a skeleton of the actual product and capture the exact specifications.

    Conceptualising the Desig
  • Visual & aesthetic design

    User interface and visual design of the product was next up in line. Our goal was to create a design that would instantly grab users’ attention while being easy to navigate. Green and white colour palette was chosen to create elegant and eye-catchy designs. Gradients complemented and enhanced the interface significantly. After adding several contrasting and complementary colors we created a distinct visual brand and design for the client.

    Visual & aesthetic design


Providing the right information at the right time could make or break the application. Thus, we made our first priority to go above and beyond and improve upon the original specifications. Each and every feature of the app was designed with the customer in mind.

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This project particularly stood out to us as it addressed an industry area that was lacking in such advanced solutions. The client utilized EnProwess’ custom mobile development service to envision and create a mobile app that not online added additional revenue to his business but also added value to the community.