Our client has the idea of implementing a web-based portal that can be used by insurance provider companies to manage all the insurance products. Our client demanded a web-based portal to manage insurance products to facilitate the agents, brokers, and their end customers to manage insurance proposals and claims from the same platform.

They needed experts to develop this app with advanced technologies in the shortest amount of time. As a result, they reached out to EnProwess Technologies for solutions.

They wanted to develop a web-based portal to help their clients manage their insurance products' arsenal with its essential details on a unified platform.

The developed portal obsoleted the need for having a single platform for each insurance product which was a headache for them to maintain and administer. It also addressed customers' requirements and facilitated them to handle their insurance proposals and claims efficiently and effortlessly.

Design and Prototyping

To fulfil the mentioned objective and to address the needs of their end customers, the client decided to develop a web-based insurance portal that meets the below purposes:

  • A comprehensive interface that any insurance company can leverage.
  • A portal according to the insurance company's needs.
  • Manage and address all the aspects of the event insurance starting from the proposal-to-proposal verification, rating, quotation, premium settlement, etc.
  • It can manage the lifecycle of quoting, approving, settling, and ongoing management.
  • Should be flexible and configurable enough to achieve onboarding of the customers on the platform

Project Scope and Product Features

  • The insurance system is convenient and flexible to be used. It saves time, effort, money, and resources.
  • Application is user Friendly as the application has various controls provided by the system Rich User Interface.
  • The system maintains the centralized database where all user information files are stored.
  • Purchasing insurance online is convenient and fast. Customers can buy any policy from anywhere at any time with a click of a mouse.
  • Application maintains profile management of all policyholders.
  • It provides an interface to the customer that helps him to know his policy details.
  • Payment process is also like an e-commerce transaction. Customers can pay their policies online. The payment process is hassle-free, and customers can complete a transaction within a significantly less time limit.
  • Application allows the customer to buy directly from the insurance company, so no need to give the agent’s margin (or commissions). Also, the entire process is online and is paperless, so it reduces the costs further.
  • This system provides information about new policies or existing policies online.
  • All communication happens via email, which is faster and more reliable than courier or post.


We decided to use React Native for mobile and ReactJS for the web with time constraints at hand. This decreased time to market as with a single codebase, we could now target web, iOS, and Android platforms simultaneously.

React features like state management, reusable components, and server-side rendering made it a very cost-effective choice. As for the backend, we used NodeJS for increased performance.

A full-stack JS solution helped save clients many hours in development time. Our in-house Testing and QA experts did thorough manual and automated testing to iron out bugs, improve code quality and enhance functionality.


EnProwess has developed a unified web-based insurance management Portal to establish a single platform insurance product that can host different products for existing and new customers.

It has helped the insurance industry by providing customers with a business solution. That gives them quotes from different carriers, automated their insurance process.