Our client in Europe was looking to build a finance portal for index data which calculates and analyse data according to customer needs along with live and historical data.

With the latest technology stack powered by best of breed APIs and cloud native technology, the portal has become a leading provider of European tradable indices.

Design and Prototyping

To address the needs, we build a portal where customers can register and access the live and historical indices data and grow their revenue.

  • A portal where sales team and guide and register their customers.
  • Large scale repository was the need to store and retrieve large volumes of records.
  • 99.9% availability with standard security across all platform was the basic requirement to take care off.
  • A system that supports continuous flow of client’s data.
  • Seamless integration with existing third-party implementation was the need of the hour.
  • Ease of maintenance through automated process.
  • System was supposed to be build which can scale horizontally and vertically.

Project Scope and Product Features

  • Repository to store huge amount of data.
  • Portal for effective collaboration between customer and sales team.
  • Secure data transmission between third party application.
  • Device friendly and responsive site.
  • Separate indexing layer using Solr to serve fast and optimizes search result.
  • Seamless integration with Google analytics, Solr index server with few clicks.
  • Automated calculation and graph engines, which minimize workforce and cost in data analysis.


Liferay which is a market leader in open-source portal framework is used to build the product.

With custom Liferay development we were able to solve most of the problem of having repository to store documents, search the documents, collaboration of all stack holders.

Our Liferay experts did make sure that we implement it in a right way which is easily scalable with ease of maintenance. We did upgrade the Liferay versions as well later to reap the benefits of new features of newer versions.


EnProwess help customer to build a finance portal which has all the feature of collaboration with live index monitoring.

This portal has become a market leader in providing tradable indices in the European market.