A customer in US came up with a brilliant idea of developing a unique and dynamic solution for managing properties. The challenge was to build everything dynamic with features like salesforce using open-source technology.

The proposed system should be dynamic in every sense. Even the UI/UX forms was supposed to be designed in a dynamic way that each customer can define their own fields and its validation as well.

Design and Prototyping

To address the need we used Liferay with minimum use of Out of the box features and were supposed to do build a highly custom portal development.

  • A portal with salesforce like features.
  • Flexible design to add fields and objects dynamically.
  • Bootstrap based design for responsiveness.
  • Implemented flexible database structure to cater the need of allowing customer to add new table dynamically.
  • Limited dependency on third party products for complete ownership.
  • Implemented decoupled architecture to allow accessing service layer from both application and webservice.
  • Implemented libraries for dynamic user interface and validations.

Project Scope and Product Features

  • Portal for effective collaboration between landlord and tenant.
  • Flexibility for landlord to define forms.
  • Device friendly and responsive site.
  • Interface to track request from customer to help diagnose problem/issues.
  • Landlord to view tenant wise reports.


With custom Liferay development we were able to build a dynamic portal to solve the business need of having everything unique for each landlord.


EnProwess help customer to build a property management portal which can be easily reused to build a portal solution for other domains as well.