Our client in Europe was looking to build a Software as Service (SAS) platform for Digital Transactions, Content and Process management for signing, sealing and endorsing document.

A platform was supposed to be built on open source, yet which has Enterprise level support with Document management feature and Workflow development capabilities.

  • Project Scope and Product Features
  • Content Management
  • Features
  • Indexing of Content and metadata
  • Search & Filter Content by content or metadata.
  • Manage Content Permissions
  • Filling PDF Forms
  • Manage Rule-Content-based Automation
  • Manage Libraries (Workspace) for Content Collaboration
  • Manage Content Versions for updated content.
  • Add Comments to Content
  • Edit Microsoft Office File
  • Edit File Offline

Digital Transaction Management

Document content Annotation on content drawing or typing.

  • Signer, Sealer or Endorse Enrollment of signature, seal or stamp user consent.
  • Authorization of Enrollment to manage Signer, Sealer or Endorse Authority.
  • Digital Signature of your Customers, Employees or Supplier for Content Approval.
  • Digital Seal for proof of Content Authenticity and Ownership.
  • Digital Endorse of a signed document, for Approval of Content and Signer(s) Authorization.
  • Digital Lock & Unlock documents, for document content data leakage prevention.
  • Validate digital documents transaction identity , integrity and authorization.
  • Manage Employees, Customers, Citizens, Suppliers and Groups Permissions and Authorization.

Process Management

  • Start a Sequential or a Parallel Task to Employee Customer, Citizen, Supplier or Groups.
  • Attach additional files to a task.
  • Notifications sent by email or sent to Mobile to perform a task.
  • Reminders sent by email or sent to Mobile to perform a task.
  • Perform a Task assignment based on the task description.
  • Manage Rule-Task-based Automation.
  • Task can can performed via API from a business application.
  • Task History inquiries.
  • Task Reports.


Alfresco Enterprise Edition is being used to do custom development to build the feature highlighted above. It addresses the needs of having a high availability multi-tenant platform which has Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

With Alfresco Development Framework (ADF), we were able to design user friend UI to build forms.

With Alfresco Process Workflow (APW) and Alfresco Process Service (APS) we automated their complex business workflow processes.

With Alfresco Content Service (ACS) we were able to store, retrieve and search files based on their needs.


Enprowess is the development partner to build the SAAS platform using Alfresco as base to address its Document Management and Workflow automation needs.

This is a continuous development project where we do custom development in Alfresco based on the feedback received by the end users.