• Migration to Open Source ECM Alfresco

    Its been a decade I have been working on ECM Alfresco, I have explored all the areas of Alfresco. In this blog I will talk about migration on Alfresco and what need to be checked when planning to migrate. I have done migration projects, from that experience, I realized, why many a times proprietary CMS… Continue reading Migration to Open Source ECM Alfresco

  • Liferay DXP is a real game changer in CMS/Portal world

    We at EnProwess closely observing Liferay DXP releases, plan and road map. We laced up our skills for Liferay DXP. Believe me, it’s exciting. In this post, I want to express my thoughts why Liferay DXP is a game changer in portal world, New User experience Impressive user experience is important to select software product.… Continue reading Liferay DXP is a real game changer in CMS/Portal world

  • Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    Managing unstructured data is becoming critical for all size of organizations. Keeping the criticality of getting all document consolidated in one place is becoming very important. Over the years’ software industry has evolved a lot and so as enterprise content management. Here in this blog, we will talk about latest trends observed in ECM industry,… Continue reading Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  • Liferay7/DXP – OSGI module for PostLoginAction

    Before we get in to how OSGi and Liferay goes hand in hand, it is recommended to understand the core of OSGi. You can go thru this link and get your hand dirty with plain OSGi example. Liferay7 and DXP released with many buzzwords like Modularity, Expansibility and Semantic versioning. All of these, have base… Continue reading Liferay7/DXP – OSGI module for PostLoginAction

  • OSGI Groundwork !!

    The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) defines an architecture for developing and deploying modular applications and libraries. It is also known as the Dynamic Module System for Java, defines an architecture for modular application development. It is proven to help build, package and maintain robust API’s for Java based Enterprise software components running in the… Continue reading OSGI Groundwork !!

  • Alfresco Best Practices

    Software industry is most dynamic industry among other. The biggest challenge being in this domain is to keep updating your knowledge day-by-day. Though this challenge is applicable to everybody in software domain, its applicable more to the people using open source tools and frameworks. It may not be that complex to learn new framework but… Continue reading Alfresco Best Practices

  • Theme for Liferay 7

    Theme in Liferay is very important component for any project you will be working. Liferay 7 is coming with many changes and you will need to know the new ways of development in Liferay. This blog will help you understand how you can build theme in Liferay 7 using theme generator. Please note, using plug-in… Continue reading Theme for Liferay 7