Learn Liferay7/DXP Filter Hook in 10 Minutes

In my last post, I discussed about action hook. In this post, you will learn about filter hook in Liferay7/DXP. Just a quick recap in case you have not read my previous post. Liferay provides mechanism to override behaviour for out-of-the-box features is called hook. Liferay supports following types of hook, Struts Action Hook Filter […]

Scheduler in Liferay 7 /DXP, Isn’t it easy?

Often, there are requirements to automate certain process and execute it on regular interval. Scheduler programming helps for all such requirement. Liferay provides a flexible way to implement scheduler. In this post, I am going to talk about, steps to create scheduler in Liferay DXP/7. Following are the prerequisite to start implementation, Pre-requisites: Java 1.8 […]

Five points to takecare while upgrade to Liferay DXP/7

If you are using Liferay for your business application and planning to upgrade to Liferay DXP, you are reading right post. In this post, I am going to talk about important points to consider while upgrading Liferay DXP/7 from previous versions. To keep this post simple to understand, I will talk about ‘What’ to consider […]

Migration to Open Source ECM Alfresco

Its been a decade I have been working on ECM Alfresco, I have explored all the areas of Alfresco. In this blog I will talk about migration on Alfresco and what need to be checked when planning to migrate. I have done migration projects, from that experience, I realized, why many a times proprietary CMS […]

Liferay DXP is a real game changer in CMS/Portal world

We at EnProwess closely observing Liferay DXP releases, plan and road map. We laced up our skills for Liferay DXP. Believe me, it’s exciting. In this post, I want to express my thoughts why Liferay DXP is a game changer in portal world, New User experience Impressive user experience is important to select software product. […]

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Liferay and Machine learning with TensorFlow!

“The field of machine learning is concerned with the question of how to construct computer programs that automatically improve with experience” – Tom M. Mitchell. As Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are in action now, there are various APIs and libraries available with Java too. Let’s look at TensorFlow – TensorFlow is an open source […]

Scale Your Liferay Application by Clustering

Liferay Portal has verity of implementation out there from small application to largest scale enterprise portals. And whenever one server isn’t sufficient to serve the high traffic needs of your portal, you can scale your Liferay portal by adding additional servers. Basically when group of servers and other resources act like a single system and enable […]

Multiple Portal Instances in Liferay

The benefit of virtual multiple portals consists of sharing several resources between the virtual portals. Rather than having one of these resources for each portal, all virtual portals use the same single instance of such a resource. This reduces the administrative cost and optimizes the resource usage. Typically, virtual portals share the following resources: Physical […]

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