Alfresco Upgrade

Knowing the Alfresco Upgrade Version Process

alfresco community upgrade

Before you think of going for an Alfresco upgrade, it is important that you have some understanding of the process. Usually, Alfresco upgrading involves a series of steps apart from the fact that lot may also depend on several factors. These include current version of Alfresco, number of customizations and new features to be incorporated.

Based on existing version, Alfresco developers can use different paths for Alfresco upgrade. This requires database and content upgradation from old to newer version. And if customization is to be carried out in some feature, it will require Alfresco code upgrade so that the feature is compatible with the system. Finally, there is system and data validation.

Steps for Upgrading

  • Alfresco Content Services upgrade paths - To get the best results out of Alfresco content services, it is advisable to follow structured upgrade path between two versions.
  • Upgrading from Alfresco Community Edition - Alfresco content services can be upgraded from Alfresco community edition to Alfresco enterprise and that may also include the same repository family.
  • Upgrading Alfresco Content Services - Procedure to upgrade Alfresco content services binaries and configuration to new version by using new version distribution by maintaining copy of repository.
  • Validating an upgrade - Soon after Alfresco content services receive upgrade, series of steps are required to be followed for validating installation of new version.
  • Testing an upgrade - To make sure that Alfresco content services upgrade is successful and is in tune with client’s expectation, comprehensive testing is needed.
  • Restoring production data - Use of all relevant information is required for restoration of production data.

4 Major Challenges during Alfresco Upgrade

There are some major challenges that may arise during Alfresco database upgrade process as a large amount of data is to be upgraded to the new version. Upgrading data from database, workflows, content store and indexes in addition to feature customizations within the system can be a complex procedure.

Here are list few challenges pertaining to the Alfresco upgrade process.

  • Determining the right path type for undertaking Alfresco upgrade
  • Integration of enterprise application with other business apps
  • Knowledge levels and the technical skills at work
  • Total expenses that are likely to be incurred on upgrade – long and short term implications

Alfresco Upgrade with Enprowess

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