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Alfresco Activiti Designer : Get Cost-Efficient Alfresco Process Services

alfresco activiti integration and support

If you are out to find a company that can provide alfresco process designer Services then you are at the right place. We have the expertise to automate your business processes with our Activiti designer and development services. Our professional alfresco process services developers have knowledge and skills to design Activiti platform that can building blocks for running on various distributed infrastructures.

About Our Alfresco Process Designer Services and Development in Brief

Enprowess provides cost-efficient expert services for Alfresco Process Services installation and integration to clients across the globe. Here are some reasons why customers prefer our assistance.

  • Competitive price rates - We offer solutions at competitive price rates for entire range of Alfresco Process Services. Besides, clients are rest assured of high quality work from experienced Activiti consultants, designers and developers.
  • Fast and reliable services - Throughout the project, we maintain regular communication with clients and make sure solutions are delivered in time and meet their goals & budget. Agile working methodology ensures guaranteed results.
  • Expert professionals - Our entire team is highly qualified and experienced to deliver the latest and best in business. They get the job done in client’s timeline.
  • Transparency in approach - We are accessible 24/7 for project formulation and implementation work via phone, chat, skype, etc. As a result, customers get continuous update on the status of their projects.
  • Total customer satisfaction - To make sure that Alfresco Process Services upgrade is successful and is in tune with client’s expectation, comprehensive testing is needed.

Features Of Our Alfresco Process Services

  • Activiti Engine
  • Event listeners – Facilitate execution of out-of-box actions
    Custom activities – Enables easy communication between business and IT
    Virtual Machine – Forms basis for business processes automation
    BPMN shortcuts
  • Activiti Explorer
  • Task management
    Management features
    Process instance inspection
    Get reports based on statistical data
  • Activiti Modeler
  • Controls BPMN 2.0 compliant processes graphically
  • Activiti Modeler
  • Modelling of BPMN 2.0 processes from within IDE-environment
    In-built support for Alfresco Process Services

Why Choose Our Alfresco Activiti Designer Process Services?

  • Responsive development & project methodology
  • Transparent and collaborative approach with clients
  • Reasonable fees for consultants and Activiti developers
  • Professionally qualified & experienced team of developers
  • Our solutions have friendly interfaces & guarantee rich user experience
  • Cost-effective Activiti development services with timely delivery of projects
  • Extensive testing of solutions prior to their deployment in customer’s systems
  • Proven track record for successful project deliveries with full client engagement